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64 slice spiral CT 1.5 Tesla short bore MRI Mammography Ultrasound Radiography Screening CT

64 slice spiral CT

The latest generation of fastest and technologically advanced CT scanners available, including coronary CT angiography.

1.5 Tesla short bore MRI

Our MRI machines offers unprecedented resolution and speed in imaging.  The short bore design helps reduce claustrophobia by keeping the patient's head out of the bore of the magnet.


In addition to a Radiologist, the mammograms are overread by a computer aided detection software for a second look which has been shown to improve breast cancer detection.  The Keller facility offers digital mammography which has been shown to improve breast cancer detection in some women.


Our skilled ultrasound technologists work with modern ultrasound machines that offer such advanced features as color, power Doppler,  and "cross beam" to obtain the most accurate imaging even in challenging patients.


X-rays are obtained digitally and are reviewed by Radiologists on PACS (Picture Archival Computer System) high resolution monitors in a totally filmless environment.

Screening CT

Screening CT allows for diagnosis of disease  before it's clinically apparent and symptoms develop.  Screening CT's include CT's of the chest, abdomen, and virtual colonoscopy.