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1.5 Tesla short bore MRI
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Grapevine Radiology Associates work with the newest 1.5 Tesla high field GE MRI's with the latest software and hardware.
GE’s next generation premium 1.5T MR scanners offer unprecedented resolution and speed.
What is MRI?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the fastest and safest, non interventional way to get the clearest pictures of your internal body structure.
This technology enables physicians to detect developing diseases or abnormalities earlier than before and better helps them to treat any problems that may be found.
Basically, MRI involves a powerful but harmless magnetic field and radio waves. It does not use x-rays. These radio waves are just like the kind that transmit AM music on your radio.
The combination of radio waves and a magnetic field produces very clear images of the body structures such as the brain, spine, and other vital organs.
Rather than relying simply on a patient's symptoms, the radiologist immediately sees the specific source of a physical problem and your doctor can move quickly and precisely with appropriate, early treatment.
In some instances, this can reduce the need for exploratory surgery or other diagnostic studies which may present more risk.
Magnet Resonance Imaging is at the forefront of today's diagnostic tools.
MRI is a painless procedure that has virtually no known side effects. To date, millions of patients have experienced MRI and the procedure has been proved to be extremely safe.  In fact, since MRI uses harmless radio waves and magnetisation instead of x-rays, it is considered to be safer than the other radiological techniques that do use x-rays.
Benefits of MRI
         Accuracy: The detail or clarity of the image obtained by an MRI scan is outstanding.
         Improved diagnosis: The clear images obtained with MRI make it is easier for doctors to see the physical characteristics of the body and have a better idea of how to treat the illness.
         Safety: MRI uses radio waves simular to those of your FM radio station rather than radiation to obtain images.
         Reduced surgery: Because the MRI images are so good, MRI can reduce the need for exploratory surgery reducing risk, inconvenience, discomfort or pain and hospitalisation.

Contra-indications are situations or conditions where you cannot undertake an MRI investigation.
Since MRI uses an extremely strong magnetic field, no metallic objects can be taken into the scanner room.
If you have certain metallic implants or if you have a pacemaker then we may not be able to scan you through an MRI investigation.
To ensure that there are no contra-indications for you to have an MRI scan you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire before the procedure.
PROPELLER–HD Brain Imaging

PROPELLER–HD Brain Imaging

PROPELLER, for both 1.5T is an advanced reconstruction process that produces clear, high-resolution images in even the most active patients, with much less sensitivity to motion and susceptibility artifacts. HD PROPELLER even eliminates the subtle physiologic motion artifacts encountered with nearly every patient.

TRICKS - Angiographic Imaging - Signa EXCITE HD 1.5T

Tricks uses an intricate method of temporal sampling and complex data recombination to give very sharp images of arteries.